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The “Youth Workspace” Erasmus+ KA2 project is a strategic cooperation project between Estonia, Lithuania and Turkey, bringing together the world of work and youth to find common ground for their activities through jointly created innovation. This common feature brings young people to the knowledge of flexible working methods, which are increasingly being introduced alongside traditional work arrangements (remote working, co-working centers, short work week, work time slots, etc.). NEETs and other young people with fewer opportunities are a target group for whom decent working practices could be a solution to being involved in society. The reason lies in the various obstacles that hinder them from the tradition of basic work (special needs, social and economic barriers, taking care for the family, etc.).

Innovative new work environments can be a solution for young people to participate in new forms of work and entrepreneurship. Different collaborative solutions and innovative social change in the community are needed to create such new synergies. Youth workers working with young people must also be prepared to address these issues among young people and to support their integration into working life.

Rõuge Kaugtöökeskus NGO, ESTONIA
Rõuge Noorsootöö Keskus, public service provider, ESTONIA
Asociacija Aktyvistai, NGO, Lithuania
DeM Turkey,  NGO, Turkey

Project is financed by Erasmus+ program.


Activities planned within the project

2 study visits in Estonia and Lithuania ( 6 persons from each country per each SV) 

1 training course in Turkey about change management and social innovation, 6 persons each.

2 transnational meetings.

Local study visits, round tables and researches in local level according to the project topic.

Intellectual output – e-guide. An e-guide will be developed to map and gather common knowledge, ideas and synergies, including recommendations for communities to develop synergies between youth and work and to work with each other. In addition, videos will be produced that bring new ways of working and their relevance to the public in order to increase communities’ willingness to change. At the end of the project, there will be three dissemination events as a Hackathon, based on the information and conclusions gathered during the project and providing ideas for community innovation for the next steps.

Project period: 1.10.2020 – 31.12.2022


An E-manual was completed during the project.

Document, videos and infographics can be found on the website

The project results found there can be used freely by everyone.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



* We are NGO, association of active people “ACTIVISTS”;

* Main aim to promote people development, active participation, non-formal education as a tool for intercultural learning and self-development;

* we are interested in almost all topics, because in our database we have more than 3000 people;

* main topics are entrepreneurship and healthy life (sport);

Association AKTYVISTAI was founded in 2013. Based in Kaunas, Lithuania. At that time the main aim of AKTYVISTAI was to gather a company which would not only realise itself and its ideas but would also spend their free time together doing something meaningful & healthier for themselves, their families, community, country. But in last years association mainly promoting youth development, the mobility of young people and fostering active participation, to spread the ideas of sustainable development, to promote non-formal education as a tool for intercultural learning and self-development. The association is open not only for the youth but everyone who likes an active lifestyle, is positive, looks for friends or wants to teach or learn something new. It is also possible to test yourself in various activities, find new friends, just have a good time and even to earn some experience. The attitude of organization involves being ACTIVE, POSITIVE and ENJOYING life. The aim of AKTYVISTAI is to coordinate the actions in the way that would allow all of its members feel free to use their skills and experiences implementing their ideas. We are helping to people be motivated, united, and get discounts in some events, trainings or activities.

Association are not limiting activities to one direction, allowing people of different ideas to express themselves freely. For this reason, we are encouraging people to implement their own or their friends’ ideas. This helps to perform our tasks more effectively, our members are better motivated and active and the internal atmosphere of the association is more balanced. The main activities of organization are implementing different ideas by volunteering or through the different funds and projects. Examples could be actions for projects, hosting events and trainings, we are organizing international meetings, vacations, leisure and sports activities full of good mood and atmosphere. Topics are very different, from environment and climate change to human rights, entrepreneurship, sport or healthy life. Our members represented Lithuania in over 200 various international events which created plenty of opportunities and help to gain experience, which we will use in this project. tal we send more than 400 participants in international projects and probably involve around 1000 in local activities. Target group are dividing in 2 groups, ones is youth from 16 to 30, another adults from 30 to 55.

For now association has around 50 active member which always involve to different kind of event. Out them 3 are professional trainers / project coordinators, 8 active project managers / volunteers. Our network of contacts combine more than few thousands different kind of active people in all Lithuania and Europe. Organisation participate in international NGO network of experiential learning (IELN) and also business intercontinental global network BNI. Also we belong to ANNA LINDH foundation network. We believe, that we can be really useful and helpful with our knowledge and know how in all projects and networks.

Association main activities is combine and motivate people to be more active. Members always trying to give opportunities and extra motivation to other people. From 2013 main activities of organization are to implement different ideas by volunteering or through the different initiatives, programs, ideas, funds or projects. From beginning till nowadays we have basketball team in Kaunas amateur league, also organizing weekly basketball sport activities. Already implemented 5 canoeing tours with more than 150 people in total, board games evening with more than 500 people in total. Other leisure time activities. Other examples could be actions for projects, hosting events and trainings. We are organizing international meetings, discussions, vacations, leisure and sports activities full of good mood and atmosphere. So new knowledge, methods, used and shared good practices in this project will be very usefull for our Aktyvistai NGO and youthworkers.

Few videos from our actions you can found here:

Association already implement 3 Erasmus+ youth exchange in 2015-2019 years with more than 140 international participants in total. Was a partner and coordinator for Lithuania in Erasmus+ Sport 2 years projects “True basketball.Real games”. From 2017 NGO was partner in Erasmus+ Capacity building in the field of Youth project “Bridge between Europe and Asia called Synergy”. In 2019 we are implemented Erasmus+ Sport small collaboration projects “Volunteering for sporty and healthy life” & “Women Empowerment in Sport”. Some members help to coordinate and implement Erasmus+ Sport 2 years project in Lithuania: ”Fans Against Violence”. Our members represented Lithuania in over 200 various international events. Most of the projects and activity you can see here:

Association members together with trainers and volunteers every year join and help to implement the youth camp in the nature, organized by other NGO. This camp focus on leadership, climate change and love for environment topics. Our lectors moderate some workshops about survival  in nature, how to save and love nature, climate change. This camp is organized 6 years in the row, so we have big experience in environment topic and problem solving with Youth. You can see video of youth camp here:

Every year we join and participate in very big event in all Lithuania to collect waste and clean our environment. This event calls   It is very big and useful event in all country.

Project events and publications

Organization info and experiences

DeM Experiential Training Center Association has been founded in 2009 and carrying on activities in Istanbul as a non-profit NGO. The mission of DeM is to develop and promote experiential learning in all areas of education and learning and increasing the recognition and development of Non-Formal Education at the local, national and international level and thereby contributing the individual, professional and social development.

DeM has four focus fields:

  1. Youth & Adult Works
  2. Research & Development in Pedagogy, Adult Education and Vocational Education
  3. Advocacy in Education
  4. Networking & Global Cooperation

DeM has its Student Clubs named DeM-Marmara and DeM-Medipol in Istanbul and DeM Gazi in Ankara. All youth works activities of DeM is executed by these affiliated student clubs. Mainly education faculty students are working in these clubs. DeM has its Pool of Trainers consists of 50 trainers working in the field of youth works, formal education, vocational education and adult education. In this way, DeM is bringing the educators of today and educators of the future into the same network and foster learning from each other.

DeM is also cooperating with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education (MoNE). DeM is conducting a long-term partnership with the General Directorate of LifeLong Learning of MoNE for producing non-formal education modules and programs.

DeM is a founding member of IELN (International ExperientialLearning Network) which was established in 2012 with the initiatives of 8 NGO’s from 7 European Countries.

AlsoDeM is a member of The United Nations Global Compact Network, a member of Anna Lindh Network and a founding member of the STEP Civil Society Education Platform Turkey.

DeM is closely collaborating with the US Institute for Experiential Learning, led by David KOLB, founder of the experiential learning theory.

DeM’s main target groups are institutions, organizations and professionals. DeM is bringing its know-how and experience in the field of “experiential learning”, developing tailor-made educational models and integrating into project partnerships that are serving any target group.

DeM has two main units:

  1. DeMGÂH Experiential Educators Network
  2. DeM-YOUTH Experiential Training Youth Network



The main responsibility of this unit is to execute the research and development works on formal, non-formal and vocational education. DeM is collaborating with universities, NGO’s in the field of education and educational institutions within R&D activities. DeM has its Pool of Trainers consists of 50 experienced educators.

DeMGÂH has around 110 volunteers and around 60 of these volunteers are constantly and actively participating in DeM’s Research Program. These volunteers consist of academicians, teachers, trainers, facilitators and students from Education Faculties.



The main responsibility of this unit is to coordinate youth works within the youth network of DeM Turkey. DeM has three student associations in Marmara University and Medipol University in Istanbul and DeM Gazi in Gazi University. These student clubs are affiliated entities of DeM-Turkey and all youth works are being executed by these student associations. DeM-YOUTH has around 450 active young members.

Project events PREVIOUS PROJECTS (Last 3 Years)


Small Collaborative Partnership



ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Adult 2019 2019-1-PL01-K A204-065197 FUNDACJA EUROPEJSKI INSTYTUT OUTSOURCINGU

Contact Making Seminar

ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Youth 2018 2018-3-PL01-KA205-061375 FUNDACJA EUROPEJSKI INSTYTUT OUTSOURCINGU
ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships 2018 2018-1-UK01-KA201-048077 HEC Global Learning Centre
ERASMUS+ Capacity Building in the Field of Youth 2017 590082-EPP-1-2017-1-PL-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA FUNDACJA EUROPEJSKI INSTYTUT OUTSOURCINGU


DeM produces publications in the fields of education and learning, both within the scope of its own research and development studies and jointly with the projects of its stakeholders.

1.SAT-Drama Book for Science Courses

It is the result of the project named SAT – Science at Theater, conducted under the EU Leonardo Da Vinci Program between 2013-2014. The book offers a detailed methodology of how to use the theater while teaching science lessons.

2.Training Manual- Effective Trainings for Basketball Referees

Turkey, Germany, Italy, France Basketball Federation of Erasmus + KA2 produced for vocational training at the end of their projects more effectively an arbitrator within the scope of the Strategic Partnership in Education Program is a training manual.

3.Experiential Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Educational book including the synthesis of Experiential Learning and Pedagogy of the Oppressed who were produced as a result of the Experiential Learning Project carried out within the scope of Civil Society Dialogue IV Training Program.

4.Fans Against Violence

It is the result of the project named SAT – Science at Theater, conducted under the EU Leonardo Da Vinci Program between 2013-2014. The book offers a detailed methodology of how to use the theater while teaching science lessons.

Project events in Turkey

Organization info and experiences

Rõuge Youthwork Centre started their active everyday work on 1998. The main aim of the organization is to develop possibilities for young people to be active and initiative. Every day there are 70-90 young people taking part in youth centre activities. Rõuge Youthwork Centre coordinates also Viitina, Nursi, Varstu, Mõniste, Misso, Haanja and Ruusmäe youthcentres work. Youth Work Centre organizes several local and international projects. They started international cooperation on 2001. Rõuge Youth Centre belongs to the local municipality. In cooperation with municipality they working out youth policy and development in the local region. Rõuge Youthwork Centre organizes cooperation work between different youth institutions in Võru County. Rõuge Youth Centre is known for effective teamwork and creative approach to youth work. Rõuge Youthwork Centre is opened to share their experiences in youth work and give young people new knowledges in working together. Rõuge Youthwork Centre organizes different hobby groups work in the community and organizes several local events including camps with working experience. Last five years youth centre work is focused also to NEET youngsters and to young people in risk situation, offering special support to them. Rõuge Youthwork Centre has got national awards for the high quality youthwork.

Since 2018 youth centre operates in 8 different youth centres in the region. In each youth centre there are 10-20 visitors each day. It makes non-formal education programs successful for each participant. Each summer working camp is organized, also different thematical camps. Since 2018 youth work centre organizes KA2 project that is focused to Z-generation and partnership with entrepreneurs. This project organized together with Slovakkia and Italy and has given lot of new understanding about partnership in local level. Organising social change and knowledge how to do it is important for our youth workers because we need innovation in youth field, specially if we think about older age groups.

Rõuge Youth Centre motivation to take part in this project comes from higher interest to develop new opportunities for different youth, disadvantaged youth, also NEET-youth using digital tools. During everyday activities we see how limited are their self-development possibilities in rural region and how we need innovative tools to develop this field, specially for youth 18+. Here is high need for special tools for youth 18+ to develop their skills, selfdirected learning process, digital tools. They are more interested in own life coordinating and less just spending time with friends in youth centre activities. This project gives us possibility to see and discover new perspectives for them. We have understood that traditional ways of activities don’t work so well any more.

NGO Rõuge Kaugtöökeskus was established in 2009 and connects people who implement or promote innovative ways of working. Through its activities, the aim is to develop new ways of working in Võru county, to support the viability of communities through cooperation and the sharing of ideas. It also wants to promote employment support services and provide opportunities for self-improvement for both entrepreneurs and workers, thus contributing to the activation of local rural life and the development of new ways of working.

The main activities of the NGO are the creation and operation of teleworking and co-operation places, the initiation and implementation of projects on entrepreneurship and teleworking; arranging and providing services in support of a teleworking center; arranging of seminars and training courses; conducting research, advisory services and providing work-related support services

The main role of the NGO has been to analyze and map teleworking opportunities in the region and to look for development opportunities that support employment. In 2017, an application for the LEADER program for the establishment of a Telework Center in Rõuge was submitted following good examples from Tallinn and Tartu. In the spring of 2020, the premises in the Rõuge boiler house building have also been completed.

In recent years, the members of Rõuge Kaugtöökeskus MTÜ have actively participated in various regional working groups related to the development of entrepreneurship and teleworking opportunities. Participated in the creation of the business strategy of Rõuge municipality. During 2016, the physical possible locations of telework centers in the area were mapped, and local entrepreneurs were advised on finding jobs. In 2016, preparations were started to improve the physical environment of telework centers; in 2017, discussions on cooperation with persons performing telework, entrepreneurs needing a telework center, and local governments continued. In July 2020, MTÜ Rõuge Kaugtöökeskus joined Kupland, a network of telework centers connecting South-Eastern Estonia.

RÕUGE REMOTE WORK CENTER “CATLAMAJA” currently operates as an inspiring work environment, where all those who have worked at home as small entrepreneurs and implemented their ideas alone, measured kilometers to work every day or have not accepted a cool job because it is on the other side of Estonia, but do not have it at home, are welcome. The smaller teams are also welcome with us. In remote work center you can hold a meeting or conduct training, organize smaller events and presentations in a separate room.





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